[c]/seɪ / (say say)

verb (says /sɛz/ (say sez), said /sɛd/ (say sed), saying)
verb (t)
1. to utter or pronounce; speak.
2. to express in words; state; declare.
3. to state as an opinion, or with assurance.
4. to recite or repeat: to say one's prayers.
5. to assume as a hypothesis or an estimate: to learn in, say, ten lessons.
6. to report or allege; maintain: people say he will resign.
verb (i)
7. to speak; declare; express an opinion.
8. what a person says or has to say.
9. Colloquial the right or opportunity to say, speak or decide: to have a say.
10. turn to say something: it is now my say.
11. have the last say, to have the final authority: the treasurer has the last say on a budget of this size.
12. I'll say!, (an exclamation of strong endorsement of what has just been said.)
13. I say, (an exclamation to attract attention or to express surprise, protest, joy, etc.)
14. just sayin', Colloquial (a tag added to the end of a negative or insulting remark to soften the impact on the listener.)
15. say the first thing that comes into one's mind (or head), to speak thoughtlessly.
16. say what one thinks, Colloquial to speak candidly, especially in the face of opposition.
17. that is to say, in other words; otherwise.
18. what do you say to …?, Colloquial would you like …?: what do you say to an ice-cream?
19. what say we … ?, (a phrase used to suggest an activity): what say we have a picnic?
{Middle English; Old English secgan}
sayer, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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